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Slusher Tower is a 12-story high-rise building in Blacksburg, Virginia, U.S.A. View a detailed profile of the Location. Address as text. 201 Ag Quad Lane. Plant Science Building. Academic Surge. A. Academic Surge. B. Kennedy Hall. Trillium Dining. Hall. Roberts Hall. Mann Library. Ag Quad. West. Ag Quad North. Design: I hate the design of this map. Looks: . Gameplay: good gameplay for an aim . Godlike, one of my favorite maps! It's perfect for fast-dm

Jul 30, 2016 . Photo courtesy of the Ithaca Planning and Development Board. An arial view of the proposed changes to the Ag Quad, which Slusher Hall. 201 Ag Quad Lane. Slusher Hall. Slusher Hall is made up of two sections: Slusher Wing and Slusher Tower. Slusher Wing is home to about 300.

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